Just Be Happy

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I can not even explain how tired I have been feeling this week, I am just putting my head down and pushing through, my toddler just don't care if I am tired or not, he still has all his activities and lots of energy.

BUT... there is always time to bake a homemade corn meal bread, that I eat with drizzled honey all over, to fulfill my sweet tooth craving.

And here are a couple of hats I made recently: The monster I made for my friend's son and the bunny for my photographer.

What have you been working on?


  1. Your bread looks delicious!!! and your hats are super fun as always!

  2. Cute hats! I'm working on a springtime dress for myself that is almost finished. :)

  3. Your hats are so cute. I have been working on spring projects. Having fun with those.


  4. ok you made my mouth water! and the hats!!!!!



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