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Sunday, March 6, 2011

L turns 2

Tomorrow is officially L's 2nd birthday, but we had a party to celelebrate it yesterday, so my family could be there, too. I can't even believe my little baby is now a toddler, time goes by so fast, it's amazing. The theme for his party was transportation, a friend of mine made the awesome cake and I made oreo pops decorated with fondant cars and trucks, then put them in the back of L's dump truck, the banner was also made by me.

We had a blast and I wish I had more detailed pictures to show you, but I was so busy chatting with people that I barely had time to take pictures.
Happy Sunday!


  1. Happy Birthday Lucas! The cake too pretty to cut into. Your friend did an awesome job.

  2. Cool! Looks like a good set up anyway. So lovely to be able to have your family there too.

    That's a pretty awesome cake too.

  3. Happy Birthday, Lucas!

    The decorations are amazing. Such happy times. :-)

  4. Fantastic cake- Happy Birthday to the little man!

  5. Happy birthday little Lucas! That cake was very cute, is there any left to share? ;-)


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