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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday Fun

Yesterday was a great day. We started off our morning going to World Market after breakfast to buy a dutch oven, then came home and I decided use my new dutch oven to cook another recipe from the book "The Family Dinner". This time I made "Arroz con Pollo" and once again, we loved it! After nap time it ceased raining for a little bit, so hubby decided to go out golfing with his brother and I decided to take the little man out. We went to a local cupcake bakery in downtown and I savored their flavor of the month: Irish Cream cupcake.

From the cupcake place we hopped on the link (little electric train that runs free in downtown). I think that was the highlight of the day if you ask the little man. He was absolutely thrilled to be in the link and had just a blast looking at things out of the window.

We got out and walked for a bit and checked out a graphitti garage and some neat buildings, too.

It's almost lunch time and I haven't gotten out of the house today yet, in fact, I am still on my PJ's. I am enjoying my lazy Sunday, but intend to cook a nice lunch for us in a bit, then work on a hat order while L naps, then... who knows... perhaps we will get out or maybe we will just stay in. Whatever happens, it'll be a good thing.


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