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Saturday, May 28, 2011

14 Indoor Play Ideas for Toddlers

Here is a list of simple indoor play ideas for toddlers, all of these pictures were taken by me, that's because we have done all of these activities. Enjoy!

1- Build a fort: I went all out and decided to make an indoor tent. I had some free fabric I got from my mother-in-law, so I just had to buy the wood and dowel. I used a very nice and easy pattern to make it, but instead of using elastic like the pattern instructed, I made ties (I didn't feel like driving to the store just to get elastic, so I improvised).

2 - Dance "party": Turn your on your radio/mp3 player/iPod/cd player or whatever device you use with some fun kid friendly music, dance, jump, have fun! If you have music instruments use them, be silly, be happy! I usually turn on a toddler station on Pandora - internet radio.

3- Camera tour around the house: I have an old camera that has a battery that doesn't last very long, but everything still works fine, so I decided to let the little man take pictures with it around the house, it's fun to see the world through their eyes. I know there are toddler cameras on the market and one day maybe we will go that route, but for right now we will make due with what we have.

4- Play with Play-doh! Make your own or use the store bought and have some fun creating animals, talking about colors and shapes.

5- Color a window/glass door with window crayons. You can find them at many craft stores and they can keep my little one busy for a bit while I am trying to cook, I just have to keep a close eye on him or he will try to eat them. My tip: spray windex as soon as the play is over, if you do that the "art" will come off easily, otherwise you will need to scrub a little bit.

6- Story time: Grab your kid's favorite books and some puppets if you have (I made some crochet finger puppets, but you can make some felt ones or buy some at the store, too), make fun and different voices and have fun! My county's library has a great list of 100 books your kids should hear before kindergarten, you can check it out by clicking here.

7 - Sensory box fun: Grab a big tub, a bag or two of beans and the trucks & diggers and let the fun begin!

8- Paint: I bought an easeal for $14.99 at ikea, one side is a chalk board, the other is for dry makers and you can just pull the butcher paper over the chalk board and color or paint!

9- Build with blocks: we like building castles or cities, so we can use the little cars, too.

10 - Blow bubbles. You can make your own bubbles, but I love Gymboree bubbles, it's safe for the kids and they work great! ($6.00)

11 - Cook with your kid(s). I let my son help me make simple things, such as popsicles. I ask him to grab the fruit, to line the popsicle molds, etc. He loves helping and then loves eating it, too.

12- Sorting: We were sorting buttons, putting each color in a different bowl, but you can sort shapes using pasta or sizes using rocks. Just play along, watching your kid close so he/she won't eat or put the buttons inside their nose/ears.

13-Obstable course: cushions, pillows and chairs are the perfect obstacles for a toddler obstacle course!

14- Indoor Picnic: Instead of having your breakfast at the table, have a picnic on the floor!

This post is not only to help other moms out there, but to remind myself of things I can do at home with my kid. Since we live in Western Washington - it rains here about 8 months/year, I have to get creative or we go nuts! hehehe

Note: If you are new to my blog, heads up: I am mom of a toddler boy, so some of my ideas are directed to boys.


  1. Awesome!! Can I come live with you!?? :)

  2. I just linked this page to my blog! I want to share your wonderful ideas and page! Thank you!

  3. Playing indoor is a good idea to keep the children busy. Installing soft play equipment within your house would be good idea as well. though that will need a bigger space to set up but once its done, your children will enjoy playing with it.


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