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Monday, May 23, 2011

Cooking for Kids

My toddler is a really good eater, but I still like to make him nice looking and fun dishes every now and then. The other day I was looking at some pictures on Pinterest and saw this "birds on nest" and really fell in love with it. The original picture was with plain spagetti, so I decided to make something else that wasn't plain, but also not red or white sauce, so I used a Sesame Noodles recipe from Pioneer Woman and bingo!
For the eyes I used Wilton's sugar eyes, the beak was a tiny piece of cheddar cheese and I also used whole grain linguini - that's what I had on hand, the meatballs were homemade and they didn't look so round (LOL) but they were sure tasty!

I had a hard time taking pictures, most of them had hands trying to grab the plate. Little man absolutely loved it, he even ate the celery!

Fun, fun, fun!


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