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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rainbow Pancakes

What a fun Saturday!

It started out great, with these wonderful rainbow pancakes made by my husband. They were such a hit! Little man and I were super excited eating them.

I have been asked before what did he use to get these colors, so let me tell you in case you wondering about that too. He used a tiny bit of Wilton's icing coloring in red, blue and yellow, even though the red came out pink.

After breakfast we went to the zoo, then had hot dogs for lunch, then came home for a nap, then went out shopping for a big boy matress (I have convinced my husband to build a car shaped bed for the little man), after that we came home to cook dinner and my husband went shopping for wood to start building the bed tomorrow - can't wait to have it ready to show you some pictures.

Now, it's bed time for the little person and time for me to do some crocheting. Fun!

Have a great weekend!


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