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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake Snake

Well, once again I couldn't resist the idea of making something new inspired by a Pinterest picture, of course. This time I made these strawberry shortcake snkes and I must admit it was a little harder than I expected. My dough was hard to handle, I was supposed to be able to make 4 snakes, but only two didn't break.

The only thing different on mine are the eyes, I used Wilton's sugar eyes. Oh, the fruit leather I had at home was in a different color/flavor, but that's all.
It was totally worth it though, everybody giggled when they said them and my kid almost flipped!

So, if you that's something you would like to do, you can find the recipe here.



  1. Lucas must have so much fun eating. And you obviously get a kick out of making food fun too. The snakes look great.

  2. Such fun and they look delicious

  3. I love the snakes! and they look yummy!


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