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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I felt very accomplished yesterday, thank goodness! After feeling miserably sick all weekend with a nasty cold, yesterday I started feeling better and decided to bleach the heck out of my house. I don't like to use bleach very much, the smell is so harsh in my opinion, but I needed to make sure that I was killing the germs. So I cleaned the whole kitchen and bathroom, door knobs, then vacuumed and organized the house. That was in the morning and it was getting late by the time I was done and I still needed to get some groceries, so I decided we should go get our groceries and get some soup from the store (yep, Summer is here and it's not hot, we can still eat soup), using the time I would spend cooking to go to the store. It was a great choice.

When we came back, it was so nice to have lunch appreciating the clean house and my farmer's market fresh cut flowers. {Love} {Also love my crochet vase cozy}

And for the afternoon I have a few goals: crochet a little bit, cook a nice and healthy meal for dinner and clean all the little man's toys. I just can't bring myself to clean his toys with bleach, he still puts them in his mouth and I would hate for him to have any trace of that bleach in his mouth (I also did an online search and many sources said that cleaning kids toys with bleach was a no no), so I used an fragrance free organic surface cleaning and spent some time cleaning each piece of mega blocks and so on... then put some away and brought out some older ones that were "resting" for awhile.

And yes, I managed to crochet! I made 2 headbands and finished two hats. The other headband is cream and the other hat is a brown textured with flowers, like I have in my shop, but my absolute favorite is this black Dino with silver spikes, I think it's so cool! My little man might "need" one.

And for dinner I cooked Brazilian food! White rice with carrots, black beans, beef with vegetables, some green beans on the side and fresh squeezed lemon juice - I made lots, so the little man and I have some for lunch. Fabulous!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love the black hat with the silver dino spikes on it! I know your little man will love it.

    Hugs XX

  2. Busy day!! I love that cute hat.



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