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Friday, June 3, 2011

Jell-o Slices

These are fun to look at and fun to eat, a little bit of work involved on the making, but well worth it!

I don't know if there is an easy way to make these, but this is how I made them.

I made orange juice, took all the fruit out of the orange with a wooden spoon, I didn't want to use a machine because I was afraid I was going to damage the peel and wouldn't be able to use it later.

Then I made strawberry, lemon and orange jell-o and put in the orange "cups" and into the fridge overnight. I put them in little bowls to keep them in place.
After the jell-o was ready, I cut the excess peel with a sharp knife...

Then I cut them into slices....

Ta-dah!If you don't feel like cutting the slices, I think it'd be fun to offer them as fruit cups, too (like the one in the center).

Note: not all of them were perfect, some of the "cups" had holes so the jell-o dripped into the bowl - thank goodness I had the bowls or I'd have a messy fridge, but overall it wasn't hard, just time consuming.

Have fun!


  1. what an adorable idea. i dont even like jello and i want to make these.


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