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Friday, June 10, 2011

More Fun Food

By now you must have noticed that I am having way too much fun making cute food, but it's addicting, specially when I see my son's eyes when the food is presented to him.

Yesterday I made "mini food". I used turkey smokies (grilled them), dinner rolls (I cut them to make them look like hot dog buns), mini corn and grape tomatoes.
And I also made a blueberry smothie, I did add ONE drop of blue food coloring and two gummy sharks.
I use lactose free cheese and milk in my little man's diet since he's lactose intolerant.

This was the first time he had anything "gummy" and I just bought 3 sharks from the bulky session of my grocery store and I must say: he LOVED it! At night before he went to bed and we were talking about his day, he mentioned the sharks. So cute.


  1. I love the food! and the smoothie!!!!! looks awesome!!!! :D


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