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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seattle adventure

So I convinced my husband to take me and the little man to Seattle. I was watching Food Network one of these days and the host showed a place in Seattle called "Skillet", but they made it sound like you would buy the food from the trailer. I even went to Skillet's website and didn't see anything saying that they had an actual place, other than the address, which I assumed it was where the trailer was parked.

Anyways, we got there after walking around the Pike Place Market and waterfront and there was a huge waiting list, so we decided to leave since we had a tired and hungry little person with us.

On our way home, driving South on I-5 we spot a trailer and my husband makes fun of me saying: "hey sweetie, there's your trailer" and guess what?

It was the darn skillet trailer!

Funny stuff.


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