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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Apple Cozies

The other day I bought an apple cozy pattern from a fellow crocheter, Theresa of Unravel me and decided to give it a try.

Oh my, I got addicted! I unfortunately just had time to snap a picture of the first cozy I made, but I have made 5 other cozies and not more just because I have ran out of time, all my crochet time has been used to fulfill orders - I am very thankful for them, by the way.

Last Friday I hosted a play date, my idea was to have my friends over and stay in the backyard to enjoy what's left of Summer, in my mind I was going to make a cute table set up, a banner, the kids would play in the blow up pool, etc... things didn't quite work out that way, it was a bit cold when we started the play date, so I had to set up the snacks inside, eventually the sun came out and we were able to move to the backyard and most importantly, we had fun.

Oh, where was I going with that? Well, I made the apple cozies to give to my friends, that was my punch line... LOL

I think I need more coffee. ;o)

Have a great Sunday!


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