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Friday, August 5, 2011

Holy Melt Down!

Yesterday was a rough day for my little boy. My friend dropped off her son in the morning for me to watch him while she went to a doctor's appointment. Our sons are little buddies, they are used to seeing each other and usually play really nice together.

Well... my boy was having a really hard time sharing yesterday, he didn't want to share any of his toys and was being mean and crying for no reason. Lots of time outs, conversations, hugs, and so on, were implemented, but no luck.

I was lucky that my dear husband got home early (4pm) from work and I just had to tell him I need a break or I was going to lose it. So, I left the house and went to my photographer's friend house to bring her some new crochet hats and accessories I had made for her to photograph.

By the time I was headed back my husband called and I was sorry that I left and didn't even think about dinner, he was so cool and solved the problem by ordering a pizza! hehehe

I felt rejuvenated just from that quick escape, I was feeling calm and happy when I got home, my boy was happy to see me and we were very good friends again. Thanks hubby!

Now, changing the subject completely, here is a book I borrowed from a friend and can't wait to start reading:

Hopefully tonight I won't be too tired and can start on it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. People who are understanding are great to have around. Great you got a husband like that. Hope little L is a bit cooler today. Have fun.

  2. I can definitely remember days like that! Glad your husband could step in- sometimes the best thing to do is get out for a bit. Hope today is a better day!


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