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Monday, August 15, 2011

So fast!

I know I am not the only one that feels this way, but boy, I feel like times goes by way too fast!

Yesterday my husband was cleaning the garage & shed and our son was out there with my husband "helping" him getting things cleaned and organized. Well, while they were doing that I sat down and made this party monster and an alligator as well, however I am not in love with the alligator so I am not going to show it, it actually has become the little man's new toy.

After that I vacuumed, mopped, did laundry and started the dishwasher and thought that it would give me so much time the next day (Ha!)... Then, we put the boy to bed and sat down to watch True Blood and Entourage - of course I crocheted while watching TV.

I was missing only 4 squares, so I made them and also 15 rounds around all the squares, as a border. It was already way too late, so I left all the ends to be weaved in today.

This morning I was feeling like I had so much time on my hands since I had done most of my cleaning the night before... so we had breakfast, I weaved in all the ends (next time I promise I will weave in the ends as I go for goodness sake!), printed some shipping labels, made the beds, then went out to run some errands. By the time we came back for lunch I was pooped already, but while L napped I had to make a hat, then prep the food (I even meant to take some pictures of what I cooked for dinner *Asian Beef Stir Fry, but was in such a hurry that I forgot) and then left the house to meet with a friend at the park.

So tell me, where did all the time I saved yesterday go? I am not quite sure... I feel so tired right now... LOL


  1. Oh, I love the new blanket especially. Such pretty colors. I know what you mean by the escaped time. It seems like before I know it, it's lunch time, and then the day is somehow gone. I usually create a "to do" list but the list never seems to get any shorter. Go figure. lol

  2. You have been busy- lovely makes! I know what you mean. I seem to be forever trying to buy myself some time, but it never seems to work. When I finally do get a little, I'm too tired to think!


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