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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thinking ahead

The other day I asked on my Facebook fan page if anyone had started doing Christmas shopping and I was surprised to see that some people were almost done! In my books I still think I am starting early (note that I have only bought my son's gift - a dinosaur coat).

It's just hard to think of buying gifts for Christmas when I have to think of other holidays first. In Brazil we celebrate Children's Day on October 12 and since both of my sweet nephews are my God sons, it's traditional that they receive gifts from me. I always have to send the packages ahead of time, it takes at least 3 weeks for something to arrive there (air mail) and if I were to send anything Express it would certainly cost more for the stamp than for the gifts.

My sister said my little nephew is really into Thomas the train and into horses, so I bought him a Thomas the train t-shirt and made him a little crochet horse and for my other nephew I sent a toy (Bakugan) that I know he loves.
My husband and I have talked and decided we are not buying toys for our son for Christmas, in fact we rarely buy him toys, most of the stuff he has were gifts from others and believe me, he has has more than he needs already!

However, he is all about dinosaurs these days, so I am making him a set of 3 crochet dinosaurs, so he can bring them to bed with him - the little ones he has are so sharp.

This morning I made the first one:
Now that Children's Day is taken care of, I can focus on Christmas a little more, starting slowly so it's not "heavy" in our pockets in the end of the year.



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