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Monday, September 12, 2011

Calm and Quiet

Little man caught a cold, runny & stuffed nose, sneezing all over the place, a little bit of fever. :o(

Oh well, I know it's normal and part of life, but still makes me sad to see him suffering. So, today we had to skip our first day back to the YMCA after our 2 months break and just stayed home doing some low key activities.

In the morning after he watched Sesame Street, we sat down in the kitchen and I grabbed some food coloring, a brush and a piece of bread and told him to paint his bread. After he was happy with his art, I toasted his bread and he was so happy to eat it!

We also played with Play-doh for a long time and went to visit his grandma just for an hour, so we didn't go too crazy in the house. He had fun at grandma's since she has a costume shop and there are lots of colorful things to look at, plus all the halloween stuff is out, so it's fun.

After nap time, we did some finger painting and I must tell you I am impressed at how helpful the little man was! He let me stamp his thumb prints all over the paper in different colors, then I gave him some more paper for him to go wild and put the thumb prints away until they were dry and then I drew little animals on them. He loved it!

I sure hope he is feeling better tomorrow since my husband is taking the day off to watch him in the morning for me to go to preschool to learn how to work in the classroom and I have my fingers crossed that he will be feeling awesome for us to go to the fair in the afternoon.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, too!


  1. Sorry your little guy is feeling poorly, but glad to see he's having such a great time inspite of. I love all the crafty stuff you do with your kid. :-)

  2. Looks like you did some lovely things with the little one- hope he feels better soon


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