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Monday, September 5, 2011

Colorful home

By now you know I love colorful stuff. You can see that in the hats I make, in the clothes I wear and around my house, too.

Here are a couple of new additions:

These book shelves are actually spice racks from ikea that my husband spray painted (pink, dark blue and purple - even though you can't really tell that the last one is purple in this picture).

I love it! It's so easy now to have my little man go pick whatever book he wants to read!
The second addition is the magnetic knife holder (also from ikea). I got home the other day and saw it installed on the cabinet with all my beautiful and colorful knives displayed. My first intention was to put the knife magnet in the little man's room to put the little metal cars, but once we found out we were having a girl and they are sharing the room I gave up on that idea, there is already enough boy stuff in there. ;o)



  1. Are those knives hanging on your window? I love them! They're so colorful! I also adore your yellow-green curtain. Your window display is just beautiful, as well as the red flowers in it. =)

    Rodney Orton


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