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Friday, September 2, 2011


My little man is very much into dinosaurs these days and that actually makes me happy. I like that he likes something simple instead of just being all about characters from TV shows or movies, even though he likes Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toys Story as well, but not as much as dinosaurs.

I bought a set of dinosaur amigurumi patterns from an etsy seller and already made 2 out of the 3 patterns. I think they are darling and they will be given to my little boy for Christmas along with a dinosaur coat I ordered.
Then, I started thinking that dinosaur would make a good theme for a boy's birthday party (I know, I know... his birthday is six month ahead! LOL), so I started looking on Pinterest for ideas and found a tutorial for a plush and thought I should give it a try and if it was easy I could make several of them to give to the kids that at attended the party.

I tell ya, I changed my mind pretty quick. It took me forever to make this plush and it doesn't even look as good as the one I saw. hehehe
Anyhow, I will keep looking and thinking about dinosaur stuff, just for fun and I hope you have a great holiday weekend!


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