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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Art Projects

It's that time of year for us here in Western Washington - rainy & gray. Oh, and t's getting cold too. So, we have to find ways to entertain the little ones when we don't feel like going out anywhere.

I'm very thankful for all the great ideas that are all over the internet, we also come up with some of our own sometimes.

Here are a couple of things we created recently:

- We picked up leaves in our backyard, with crayons we drew a tree trunk and then glued the leaves on. This is actually the one that I made along with the little man, but he was so excited that he ended up taking all the leaves from the paper shortly after, not giving me any time to snap a picture of his project.
Airplane. Well, this one I saw on Pinterest. We saved the popsicle sticks + a clothes pin and painted them with finger paint, then I used hot glue to put it all together.

And here is another Pinterest idea, that's not a project or game, but rather a way to keep the puzzle pieces from getting lost. Just some felt and hot glue!


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