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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Food, Food, Food

This was a very busy weekend. On Saturday morning swimming lessons started for the little man, my husband is now in the pool with him instead of me - I really don't feel like getting into a swimming suit at this point of my pregnancy, but I still went with them to snap some pictures.

After swimming lessons there was a "Trike-a-thon" fundraiser event at L's preschool, so we went straight to that - got some homemade brownies from the bake sale and also got L fitted for a safety helmet, so he could ride his tricycle there.

In the afternoon we went on a boat ride to spread my husband's grandpa's ashes. Grandpa loved the water and wanted to have his ashes spread there. It was a beautiful afternoon, sunny, really nice for this time of year here.

Today my husband left the house early to hang out with his friend. Little man and I stayed home. I did laundry, wrote down a long list of ingredients I needed to make lots of "freezer meals". I have been thinking of it since we got our freezer back in May and just now I got around to it. I felt inspired by looking at a fellow crocheter Scotti Oxford's blog (most known as "Inner Hooker").

My afternoon was spent in the kitchen, I was able to prepare 8 meals (soups, poultry and meat), plus that little appetizer that you see in the picture. I am beat now, my poor back and feet hurt, but I feel very accomplished and intend to prepare some more meals soon.



  1. Wow you have been busy! You will reap the benefits though of having all those meals sorted!


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