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Friday, October 28, 2011

Freezer Meals

I've mentioned here before that I have been working on Freezer Meals, but this time I will show you a picture of my freezer and tell you more about it.

We got a freezer from my mother-in-law (she was going to get rid of it) in May, which was just a blessing as my husband was going to Alaska on a fishing trip, so we had a freezer to store all the salmon he caught, but at that time I was already interested in making meals ahead of time - I didn't get around it until recently though.

Being pregnant (36 weeks now!) and seeing so many meal inspirations on Pinterest, I decided to give it a try- I even made breakfast sandwiches! With the help of a freezer meal book and many blog posts, this is what my freezer looks like:

You can't see the bottom of the freezer (my car was parked in the garage, so I couldn't go any further back to take the picture), but we have lots of salmon and frozen vegetables there. I know I could fill it up more, but I need to find some more time and motivation, but who knows... I might just find my motivation and get super inspired before the baby comes, if not, this is better than before - that's for sure.



  1. Your freezer looks far more organised than mine! Hope you get chance to fill it- you will be so glad you did after baby arrives:)


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