Just Be Happy

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ideas coming to life

I have talked about Pinterest here before, but here I go again - you should totally join it, there are so many cool things there, lots of good recipes, crafts, tutorials, etc.

Here are a couple of Pinterest inspired projects that we made today here at the Just Be Happy home:
Look at how big is my 2 1/2 year old's foot is... LOL - anyways, he had so much fun with me painting his foot that he wanted me to paint more, so we made another ghost to give to grandma thanking her for the dinosaur Halloween costume she gave him.

And here is an appliqué I made from a free tutorial. I changed the colors and used fabric fusible webbing and a button, but the design itself is the same. Little man really loves it!

Now I better go back and look for some other ideas, I feel like we are coming down with a cold. I feel tired and grumpy, the little man is whining, crying... it has been a very long day already.



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