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Monday, October 31, 2011

Mixed Feelings

Last night I deactivated several listings from my etsy shop. It makes me feel kinda sad to take so many listings down, now there are only ready to ship items and patterns listed there, I am no longer taking custom orders. It's time to get ready ready for my baby girl to come, which is the part that makes me happy.

I still have some hats to complete and mail out before I can say I am completely done, but that was for sure a BIG step for me. My husband is really excited I am taking a break, maybe I can be a more relaxed person, if that's possible - I'm always the energizer bunny, can't sit still.

Well, it's Halloween, so I better get moving, get out of the house with my favorite little man and look for something fun to do with him.

Happy Halloween, wishing everyone an awesome week!


  1. You so need to take a break before your baby gets here. Don't feel bad about that. Have fun with the little man tonight!

  2. You deserve a break. Don't feel guilty. I'm sure your Etsy fans are so excited for you and will eagerly look forward to your return. I wish you much rest before the little misses arrives. :-)


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