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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

RAOK Day 3

Picking up right where I left yesterday, here are the random acts of kindness of today:

12 - Let someone go before me in line at the post office.

13- Mailed a "Happy Mail" to a mom of 3 boys that I don't know in person, but from an online crochet group I belong to. She's going through a hard divorce and has three boys, she has never asked for anything and doesn't even know I'm sending this to her (I got her address from another lady in the group that knows her personally). Inside of the water bottle I put coloring pencils, stickers, coloring pages, 3 toothbrushes and smarties. The lady at the post office was so nice to let me take this picture after she put the paid postage on it.

14 - Put kind notes on people's cars wishing them a happy and blessed day.

15 - Donated candy to the YMCA's halloween costume parade/trick or treat event.

16 - Brought cookies to our neighbor's house. We talked for awhile, even though we are the kind of neighbors that just wave "hi" to each other, it was nice and I'm glad I did it.

That's all I was able to fit in today. I still have lots of ideas in my head and it makes me happy I decided to do a week of random acts of kindness instead of a day. Being 35 weeks pregnant, having a full of energy toddler and lots of errands to run and crochet orders to fulfill everyday, a week of RAOK was certainly a great choice.


"Whatever you do, do with kindness
Whatever you say, say with kindness
Whatever you go, radiate kindness"
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie


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