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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The ABC's of me

Alhana had it on her blog and I decided to join the fun. I hope you join me, too!

A: Age: 32
B: Bed Size: Queen
C: Chore that you hate: Cleaning windows
D: Dogs: Yes, one almost 9 year old Jack Russel Terrier
E: Essential Start to your day: Coffee
F: Favorite Color: Pink
G: Gold or Silver: I prefer silver, however I have lots of gold stuff... LOL
H: Height: 5'9"
I: Instruments you play: None
J: Job Tittle: Stay at home mom and wife
K: Kids: 1 toddler boy and a newborn girl
L: Live: Tacoma, WA USA
M: Mother's Name: Sonia
N: Nickname: Ale or Sandra
O: Overnight stays at the hospital: Delivering my kids and another time when I thought I had appendicitis
P: Pet Peeve: People not returning shopping cards to the designated area
Q: Quote from a movie: I can't think of one...
R: Right or Left Handed: Right
S: Siblings: 2, I am the youngest and have a sister and a brother.
T: Time you wake up: All night long nursing the baby
U: Underwear: Cotton ones, please. LOL
V: Vegetable you hate: Beets
W: What makes you run late: Poopy diapers! LOL
X: X-Rays you've had: Oh Gee... legs, pelvis, neck, hands... I'm sure I've had more, just can't remember.
Y: Yummy Food that you make: Carrots and bacon wrapped in beef in a tomato sauce - Brazilian "Carne de Panela".
Z: Zoo Animal: Polar bears


  1. I enjoyed reading this one. You are so tall or I'm just really short! lol I'm glad you decided to do this activity too. :-)

  2. Libby sent me over here. We have a lot in common - toddler boy and newborn girl. I love those crocheted hats, too. Super cute!

  3. So you eat all your veggies? Good girl! :-)
    p.s. I agree with Libby, you're tall!


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