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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Autumn Craft Projects

I mentioned here the other day that the rainy, gray and cold weather is back to the Pacific Northwest and because of that I always keep my eyes peeled for new craft ideas to keep my little person entertained and happy.

This week we made a couple of Autumn inspired crafts:

This first craft was a fingerprint tree. I dug out the only stamp ink pad I had, which was blue, pink and purple colors, but who cares what colors the leaves were, right? This is our whimsical tree. By the way, the tree itself was a free template, if you want to print one too, just click here.

For the second project, we went to our backyard and gathered some leaves, then I taped them to the table and put a piece of paper of table and taped that to the table as well.

Then got the crayons out and voila!
I ended up making one, too.

Fun, life is fun.


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