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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mini Doughnuts

The other day I decided to buy a mini doughnut maker at the store. It wasn't an impulse buy, I wanted one for awhile but didn't want to pay full price, but after seeing it on sale on my last few visits, I figured it was time.
My husband never gets upset with me for buying anything (he's so proud of me for making some spending money with my crochet business and always talks so nice about me and what I do to everyone, it's so cute!), but sometimes he laughs at the stuff I buy.

So, he laughed, but he got a craving for the mini doughnuts, I tell ya!

He wanted them so bad that he went to the store to get the only ingredient we didn't have at home (buttermilk) and he made the batter and started making the mini doughnuts himself!

After a couple of batches he passed me the baton, which was okay since I was going to do all myself and he had done half of the work already.

We loved them, it was great having them next morning for breakfast along with a cup of coffee.


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