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Friday, November 11, 2011


Hi there!

Nothing really exciting to share today, it seems to me that I have just been sitting here, watching the time pass and waiting for my little girl to come. I'm almost 39 weeks pregnant and I really thought that my sweet pea would have made her appearance by now, like the little man did. He was born at 38 weeks, big and healthy.

Chatting with a friend yesterday, she was listening to my complaints and telling me that the baby was just waiting for me to get everything done. I told my friend that I thought I had everything under control, hospital bag packed, all the baby clothes washed, her bassinet ready by my bed, her crib is also ready, then my friend said that maybe she was giving me time to do things I wanted to do.

What did I do? I watched all the episodes of "Chopped" I had recorded in the DVR last night and today I went to ikea (even though I really don't like driving on the freeway) and washed all the dog's pillows and blankets. LOL

I know, I know... it's ridiculous!

I am just feeling ready, I've been complaining a lot, but it's getting hard to sleep at night and that is making me so tired... Sorry for all the whining, I really am, but I just can't help it.

And just because I have nothing else to show you, here is a picture of the blueberry mini doughnuts I made yesterday - really loving the mini muffin maker, so fun!



  1. Your little one might be learning how to be "fashionably late". lol Enjoy this time while you can because I'm sure you're be super busy when she arrives.

    Wishing you a safe and quick delivery. :-)


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