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Monday, December 5, 2011

Peg Dolls

Since the baby was born we haven't been getting out of the house, I'm jus too tired and it's also a lot of work to get them both ready. I know things will get easier, but until then we are taking things slowly.

So, with all this time spent home I have a very bored little man that is used to get lots of attention, to give him something new to do, I decided to paint some peg dolls.

I purchased the peg dolls at Michael's, they come in sets of 2 and I also bought the cheapest type of acrylic paint (.79 each) - I didn't even buy a lot of colors, I mixed them to make the colors I needed, then I drew the designs with a pencil until I was happy with the way the looked and painted away!

Here is picture of them ready:

My initial idea was to make super hero ones, but I showed the little man two pictures one was Sesame Street and the other Super Heroes peg dolls. He chose Sesame Street, but since I had one more peg doll left, I decided to make Superman and it's turns out that this is my fav.

I must say that the inspiration for the peg dolls came from Pinterest.


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