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Monday, December 12, 2011

Trying hard

I've been trying hard to be a good mom to both of my kids, to be a good wife, to keep the house in order and to be a human - however, I feel more like a zombie (lol).

It has not been an easy task, I feel bad that my little man hasn't been going out much and is bored out of his mind some days, but my little sweetie pie wants to nurse all day long and it's tough to get anything done with a baby attached to your breast.

Today my husband came home from work a little early, so I was able to do some fun stuff - it's incredible the difference that a second set of hands makes in my life right now! I can't wait to find my rhythm again.

Anyhow, I made mini doughnuts to serve to the little man after his nap:

Then I gave him some washable finger paint and put him in the tub and let him paint away, he had a blast and I was so happy to see him so excited.

I was also able to cook dinner, I tried different recipes I found on Pinterest and I must say, that all of them are keepers - even though next time I will modify the mongolian beef recipe a tad so it's not as sweet, but other than that everything was perfect.

Well, now I better run and take a shower! LOL


  1. I feel confident that you'll find your rhythm. Love the mini donuts and milk. :-)

  2. I remember how hard this stage is. I felt bad that I couldn't give everyone what they wanted, but you know, nursing a baby enforces your body to be still, which it needs to gather strength. I used to snuggle up with my toddler to read a story while baby fed! Congratulate yourself for ANYTHING you achieve each day, look at baby growing and know that you did that!!! Love the donuts:)

  3. The adustment from one baby to two is a big one! I remember all too well :) But you will become a master at it in no time! So glad to hear you are doing so well....wishing you and your sweet family a Very Merry Christmas!!

    Lou Cinda

  4. Alessandra your baby girl is beautiful and as difficult as it may be right now to have her attached to you all the time, know that you are giving her the best milk possible. I was unable to breast feed and my daughter was fed a soy formula which caused her to have cancer. When your tired or feeling guilty that your little boy is bored or your house is messy just look down at your little girl and know that your are giving her life saving antibodies.
    Take Care
    Ps: check out my new crochet page and follow.


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