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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Organization Challenge Day 10

Day 10: The Laundry Room

In my case is more like the laundry closet, but still it was a mess. There were things in there that I thought to myself "why did I save this in the first place?". I literally filled up the garbage can with things I took out from the laundry room, it was amazing to see how much stuff I had packed in there... LOL

The baby's bath tub will stay there, because I bathe my sweetie in the kitchen and it's just easy for me to put the tub in there and it's accessible for the next day's bath. Once she grows out of it, I will give it away and won't have to store it anymore. We kept it in the attic after the little man stopped having baths in it, this time this tub will find a new home.

Anyways, I'm proud I accomplished today's task, I was afraid it would take me all day, but I did it in about one hour - yay!



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