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Friday, January 6, 2012

Organization Challenge Day 2

Day 2: Desk

Oh my word, I am even a little embarrassed to show you the picture of my desk before I organized it. What a mess!

I had a lot of organizing and tossing to do, I made sure to put everything where they belonged (toys, kitchen stuff, etc) and tossed a whole bunch of junk and recycled a whole bunch of boxes that I don't even know why I had them sitting there.

Still lots of work to do to get my house organized, but I believe I am in the right track.

If you joined the 21 day challenge, leave a comment with a link to your blog post, I would love to see your progress too!


  1. well I started a 20 bags in 30 days cahllenge which is about the same thing! :-) The kictehn is the hardest yet....

    It's looking good! Keep at it!

  2. I did not start a challenge but I'm slowly organizing cupboards, dressers and such. I tackle one at a time so I don't get overwhelmed! I dunno if I will join the challenge but it is a great idea!!! mmmmm.... maybe I will... your drawers and desk look great!!!

  3. I always find it quite a task to tidy my desk but super satisfying to have it organised. It's inspiring to see it that way.


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