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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Organization Challenge Day 6

Day 6: Dresser Drawers

I don't know why, but everyday before I start my task of the day I get a little anxious, it's weird, but it's true and the funny part is that after I finish doing it I think "Oh, it wasn't so bad". LOL

Today I organized my side of the dresser, including the 2 small drawers that you can see in the picture below however I'm not showing you the before and after of those because they are my underwear and socks drawers and I just thought that was too much... ;)



Wish me luck, tomorrow is the pantry day and it's a hot mess in there!


  1. I have been on a tear around here lately doing the same thing...I cleaned out my son's drawers last night....ALL of them! AND his closet....it was a HOT mess but now it is all organized and gorgeous....I threw away a TON of stuff!

    Good luck to you!

    Lou Cinda ;)


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