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Friday, January 13, 2012

Organization Challenge Day 9

Day 9: Toy Organization

It might be hard to believe but I didn't have to get the toys organized. Why? No, it's not because my son doesn't have a lot of toys, because he does (more than he needs and most of them were given to him as presents), but because my husband and I rotate the toys often. Once we realize the little man is bored with the toys that are in the toy box, we take some of them out and switch with the ones we have stored in the shed.

With that said, I decided to clean and organize something else, so I tackled the corner shelves of the kitchen cupboard. That's our catch all place, right by the garage door, a lot of things end up there - where they certainly don't belong.

I grabbed a clear container and made put a lot of the little man's art supplies, I tossed a lot of mail and moved things to their correct place.

Here is my before picture:
Here is my after picture:
Tomorrow is a big task for me, my laundry room is a mess. Wish me luck!


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