Just Be Happy

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This little knitted jacket is called "Surprise Jacket" and the name couldn't be more fitting because yesterday when the mail man delivered the mail in my house, this is what I received.

It came all the way from Spain, made by a long time blog friend "Alhana". I just LOVE it (can you tell?), thank you so much!
Don't you think my baby girl looks so precious wearing her jacket?


  1. I do love it! And the little misses looks so darling cuddled up in her new jacket. Don't you just love these kinds of surprises? :-D

  2. Alhana did a super job on it! And the colors are great. Your sweetie looks so comfy in it. :)

  3. Oh, she looks lovely in it! I am glad it still fits her, I was unsure about that because babies grow everyday even if you don't notice it.

  4. Alhana did a beautiful job. Your baby girl looks so precious.


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