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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Button Story

I am selling wooden buttons made by my very handy husband in my shop now, but there is an story behind the buttons, how I get him to make them.

You would think that our conversation goes like this:
Me: "Honey, could you make some wooden buttons for me?"
My husband: "Of course sweetheart, I'll make them right now!"

Well, that's just in my dreams. Here is how it really went:

Me: "Hey baby, could you make some more wooden buttons, please?"
My husband: "More buttons? Already?" (notice that he didn't say yes or no to my question)
Me: "If you make me buttons I won't give you a hard time about going golfing this weekend"
My husband: "Sure, I can make you more buttons"

So yesterday he spent the afternoon and part of the evening making wooden buttons and today he went golfing with his dad and brother and I stayed home with the kids.
I think it was worth it. Aren't they beautiful?


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