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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Inspired

I think Easter is a great holiday, it has a beautiful meaning and it's a wonderful family gathering.

Growing up in Brazil we didn't do Easter crafts, in fact, the first time I dyed an egg was in 2003 when I was babysitting two kids and since I already adore to craft, this is just the perfect excuse!

Yesterday I received an issue of the Family Fun magazine and it was all about Easter. One of their craft ideas was to make hats for eggs, however, they made hats from felt and paper (a Pirate Hat, a Robin Hood hat, Chef hat) and suddenly it clicked: CROCHET HATS!

So this morning, after the kids were taken care of I was settled in my comfy spot, I grabbed my hook really quick and crocheted away. These are the crochet hats I created:

I can't wait until my husband opens the egg carton this weekend! (He makes us breakfast every weekend)
I also made some cards with the little man. Super simple: paint, blank cards and felt pens for the details.
Ta-dah! Fingerprints became little chicks and bunnies. Aren't they cute?

Happy Easter!


  1. So stinkin cute!! Would you be so kind to share your pattern? or lead me in the direction of one? I am very new to to this crochet thing yet! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!!

  2. They look so cute! I don't do Easter crafts either -- I guess it's our cultural inheritance.


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