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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my son's 3rd birthday (I can't believe how fast he is growing!) and we made rainbow cupcakes to celebrate it (just us at home, the party is this weekend) as well as to bring to preschool to share with his friends.

I used this recipe, in case you are interested. It has the amount of drops you should use to make the colors nice and vibrant.

My birthday boy loves helping, he was quite excited to mix the colors.

Then I put a little bit of each color in the cupcake liners and baked them.

After they cooled down, I put some whipped cream on top, lit 3 candles and sang happy birthday.
This is what the cupcakes look in the inside. Fun, isn't it?

Happy birthday to my little man, he has sure brighten up and made my life just as colorful as this cupcake.


  1. I wish I could have one of these!
    Happy Birthday to L! He is a grown-up now that he has a little sister. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday, L! Time sure does fly. And Alessandra, those cupcakes look artistically delicious!


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