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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kool-aid Yarn

I bought a skein of Lion Brand's Fisherman's Wool to experiment dyeing with kool-aid. It's 465 yards of pure virgin wool and since it's natural fiber, it's perfect to be dyed. By the way, the kool-aid makes the house looks so sweet, it's wonderful!

I started by wrapping the yarn around two chairs, then I tied them so the yarn wouldn't get all tangled up.

I soaked it in the sink in luke warm water for about 15 minutes.

While the wool was in soaking in the water I started preparing the kool-aid.

I put the kool-aid in maser jars and the mason jars inside of a pot with about an inch of water. Make sure you don't fill up the mason jar to the brim otherwise it will overflow when you put the yarn in.

Then put the yarn in the mason jars, brought the water in the pot to a boil and turned the heat off.
Wait until the yarn cools down (if you go from hot to cold quickly it will felt the yarn) to rinse it, then gently squeeze it to get rid of the excess water and hang it to dry.

I just can't wait for it to dry to start crocheting away!

My piece of advice: use gloves, you really won't want to have stained hands like I do. ;)


  1. Interesting! I will have to wait till I get some kool-aid from the US -- we don't have it here. Sooner or later I will give it a try and will come back to your post to see how to do it -- will try to remember to buy a pair of rubber gloves too!

  2. Some day I will find the time to do this... How fun!!!

  3. Glad you said about the gloves, I will have rainbow hands too :)

  4. Your kool-aid seems to be more concentrated (at least it looks that way in the photo)...how much water did you add per package??

  5. Missy, I used 1 cup of water for each package of kool-aid.

  6. I am definitely trying this!! Did you have to wash it to set the color?


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