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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tie Dye Eggs

I went to Michael's (craft store) this morning to buy a skein of wool and on my way to the cash register I saw a egg tie dye kit for $3.99 and decided to grab it.

Once we got home I had to feed some lunch and put the little man down for a nap, he told me in the car he was tired, which is really unusual, and then I had to nurse the baby and soon after my husband got home to watch the kids for me to go to the dentist, but just before I left for my appointment I put some eggs to boil.

When I arrived my son was greeting me at the door saying he wanted to dye the eggs. Well, after almost 3 hours away and my baby girl was ready to eat again, so my husband didn't want to disappoint him and decided he could dye the eggs with our boy, which really made me happy - not because I didn't want to do it with him, but because my husband took the initiative. (I might still dye some eggs with food coloring or kool-aid with him... LOL)

It was so fun to watch them work together and I'm glad I was able to snap some shots while I was nursing the baby, yep, that's right, I multitask. LOL

As you know, I love bright colors, so these eggs are right up my alley!


  1. This means Easter is round the corner :-)
    Nice and vibrant colours.

  2. These look super fun. Check out this site: http://www.itsoverflowing.com/. Aimee has got some serious Easter Egg action going on over there. :-)


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