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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Bliss

This was a busy weekend, but very fun.

On Saturday my husband went golfing with his brother, uncle and dad, it was his dad's birthday and he wanted to be with his sons. So while he was golfing I decided to take the little man to the "Build and Grow" workshop at Lowe's and he enjoyed it, however, I had a hard time helping him and holding a wiggly and at times crying baby girl. After the workshop we went grocery shopping and then back home for lunch, naps and some crocheting, then went to meet my husband and his family for pizza to celebrate his dad's birthday.

Today, Sunday, we went bowling in the morning. It was the little man's first time bowling and he had a blast!
He even liked wearing the bowling shoes!

In the afternoon my husband and son planted some herbs: cilantro, parsley (2 different types), thyme and dill.
I am excited to see these herbs grow and be able to use them, the little man's job is watering them and he is pretty happy about it.

I had just given the baby a bath, so I left her in side for a couple of minutes and snapped some pictures of them planting, but then I had to go back inside to nurse. I must admit that I was a little jealous, they seemed to be having a good time with the dirt outside. ;o)

For dinner we had crock pot French dip (yummy!) and between diaper changes, laundry and other things, I made tomorrow's dinner (Coconut Curry Dinner) and a couple of freezer meals. For tomorrow I have ingredients lined up in my counter top to make a few more meals that hopefully will help me not to worry about what to cook every night - fingers crossed!


  1. I must admit, I've never been bowling. Now I might be the one who's jealous. :-)


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