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Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Bliss

We had a very busy weekend and it was wonderful!

This first block of pictures were all taken with my phone, so forgive me the poor quality, I don't always have my camera with me, but I certainly always have my phone and it's better to capture the moments with it than to let them pass.

So now let me tell you a little bit about each picture:

Little man and the green lantern costume: I dropped him off at my mother-in-law's costume shop real quick, so I could go to the German Deli across the street from her shop to get some pretzel rolls and assorted deli meats and when I got back to pick him up, he was fully dressed as green lantern. He's now obsessed with that costume and very happy that grandma gave it to him for Easter.

Date night: Once a month my husband and I go on a date. We almost didn't make the date in March, it's "funny" how hard it is to go out without the kids once a month! But finally on the 30th we managed to go out, we went to an Italian restaurant we used to go when we were dating, we had so much fun.

Brazilian Store: On Saturday we had to go up North, almost one hour and a half drive to go to the Brazilian store because the Brazilian Consulate of San Francisco was there to accept documents and passport applications, so the drive saved us a trip to San Francisco, as I am not allowed to do the paperwork by mail and it was also awesome to be able to get some groceries, little things that remind me of Brazil and eat fresh pastries, too - yum!

Hobby Lobby: So it just happens that the only Hobby Lobby store in this side of the mountains in Washington state is far from where I live, but only 20 minutes from the Brazilian store, so my husband was so kind to drive me there and so patient while I was looking at the yarn. I still have hope that they will open a store close to where I live, but on the other hand maybe it's not such a good idea for my pocket... hehe

And this second block of pictures were taken on Sunday while my husband was making paper airplanes for our son. We didn't get out of the house, instead I cleaned like a mad woman while my husband watched the kids, it's just so much faster to clean if that's all I'm doing!

Oh, I also did some crocheting, I've been feeling very creative lately, maybe it's the Spring colors inspiring me...



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