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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Celery Experiment

We have been very excited to do some science experiments, this time we did the colorful celery experiment. Easy and we had all we needed at home, so that was a bonus.

We needed: celery, food coloring, 3 containers and water.

 The little man was in charge of putting water in the mason jars (and on the table, of course... LOL)

 Then he added several drops of food coloring. We used red, blue and green.

 Then we put a stalk of celery in each mason jar. Stalks should have leaves, so you can notice the change of color better.

 We left the celery in the mason jars overnight, in the morning, the little man came running to get me, he was shouting "it changed colors!" and wanted me to come see. This is what we found:

From left to right: blue, red, green and a regular celery to compare.

*I found the idea for this experiment at Tinker lab.


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