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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fizzy Fun

I had a lot of fun projects in my sleeve, inspiration from Pinterest, Family Fun magazine, TinkerLab and some of my own. I wanted to make sure I kept the little man busy while my husband was out of town on a fishing trip, the last thing I needed was a little boy asking for his dad a bazillion times a day. 

We have been doing a lot of arts and crafts, you can probably tell by the amount of posts, but I have been posting just one a day, so it will be easier to come back and look for ideas when we get bored.

So, this time I present you with some "fizzy fun". 

You will need some baking soda in a large dish, some small containers with vinegar and food coloring and a dropper.

 Use the dropper to pick the color and let it go on the baking soda and watch the fizzy fun happen.
 My little man was telling me he was making volcanos. ;)
 This is what the dish looked like after the baking soda was pretty much all gone. Pretty, I think.


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