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Monday, June 11, 2012

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

 I was talking to my little man about rainbows, explaining when they appear in the sky and teaching him about the 7 colors, then I remembered that I had seeing a post on Tinker Lab about a rainbow picture scavenger hunt, so I asked him if he would like to go for a walk around the neighborhood to take pictures of the colors of the rainbow. His answer was YES! He jumped quickly from the couch, went to his room got his sandals and I got the little sister settled in the stroller and off we went.

I don't own a point and shoot camera anymore, the battery died on the one I had and I never replaced it, but I wasn't about to give my 3 year old my heavy DSLR camera, so the best alternative was to give him my phone and he did a great job not dropping it even once.

Here is a picture I took of him taking a picture:

 And here is a collage of some of the pictures he took and I think for being 3 years old he did an amazing job!

 And here is the rainbow I used to show him the colors:

Little sister was so happy to go out for a walk, it really was a fun experience.


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