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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sock Bubbles

So funny, but it seems like blowing bubbles never gets old, specially when you make it a little different than what you usually do. I saw this on Pinterest (ha!) and since it was one of those projects that we had everything on hand, we went ahead and gave it a try.

I made sure to make the little man wear an apron because I didn't want his clothes to get all stained from food coloring, specially because he was ready to go out with his grandpa.

You need: a sock, a bottle, tape, dish soap, water and food coloring (optional).

Cute the bottom of the bottle, put the sock and secure it with tape. Put some dish soap and water on a shallow dish and voilĂ !

I added some food coloring straight to the sock to make colorful bubbles.

Little man was calling them snake bubbles, because they get so long. Fun!


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