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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sock Puppets

We had to a birthday party to attend in the morning and nothing else planned for the afternoon, but with the not so good weather outside (sprinkling all the time) I had to think of something to keep my little man busy - and quiet, so he didn't wake his sister up.

I have thought about making sock puppets for a long time, but today seemed to be the perfect day for it. I grabbed an old pair of socks, my hot glue gun, some felt, yarn and buttons.

When I asked the little man if he would like me to make him a sock puppet he sounded excited, so I asked him what kind of puppet, thinking he would say he wanted a dog or a bunny, something along those lines, but he said he wanted a monster.

This was the first one made:

I apologize for the picture, but it was extremely hard for me to wear it and take pictures at the same time.

As soon as he saw the puppet he named it Teddy and it made me giggle that he can be creative now, come up with names for his toys on his own.

And this is the second one:

He named it Washington, I wonder if it was because we were pointing out Washington flags on our way home from the birthday party...


  1. We will be doing this soon because my 3 an 2 yr olds were cracking up the other day when I put a sock on my hand and started talking... And it didn't even have a face! Thanks for sharing yours :)


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