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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Color of the day

After the little man got out of bed this morning I asked him if he wanted to do something different today and of course he answered yes, so I suggested him to choose a color for the day. What did he choose? RED

How did that work? Well, little man were a red shirt...


I had to dig in my closet to find something, but wore red socks and a red sweater - yes, yes, it's Summer time but it was 55 degrees here, raining and cold and the little lady hat red pants and a red flower headband, unfortunately I didn't have a chance to photograph her, we had a busy day and I didn't have the camera with me at all times.

We colored with red crayons, we ate strawberries and talked about red things we saw. Simple and fun. I wonder what color he will choose next time we do a "color of the day", some interesting things could happen. *wink*


  1. Wonderful. Red day with little man! You gave us a great idea!


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