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Friday, July 20, 2012

Cooking with Kids: No-Cook Raspberry Jam

It's berry season - yay!
The Just Be Happy family went to a local U-Pick berry farm to pick raspberries and strawberries, some for us to eat, some for us to make jam.

My 3 year old had so much fun picking fruit, he kept saying how fun it was and saying "thank you" every time we put more berries in the box - cute!

I chose to make a no-cook jam because that way my son could help, he loves being part of the party. LOL
I searched online for a million recipes and decided to try making jam using Splenda, since my husband and I already use it in our coffee and we are used to its taste. I had to guesstimate the amount of pectin because every recipe I looked for called for a box or the liquid type. So here is what you need: 

- 2 cups of fresh raspberries all mashed up
- 1 and a half cups of Splenda or granulated sugar
- 5 tablespoons of Instant Pectin (I bought Ball brand)
- Mason jars

Mix the dry ingredients in a medium bowl (This is a good task for the little ones!), then add the crushed raspberries and mix it all together. Pour the jam into the Mason jars and let it sit for half hour, then freeze (what you will not use for a long time, it'll be good for 1 year in the freezer!) or refrigerate.

So easy, so yummy and so fun!


  1. I've been making jams too. Mine have just agave and berries, and perhaps lemon juice, but I think I would like to make some using a sugar-free pectin. I'll have to see. I have about 10 pints of blueberries on my hand. lol


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