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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"O" Necklace

My husband went out to watch a baseball game with some friends at night, so I figured I should think of something to do to keep my little man entertained. I didn't want to do anything that took a lot of effort or that was too time consuming since it was night and my little baby girl gets pretty grumpy and demanding.

I saw the box of cereal sitting on the counter top and thought "cereal necklace = bingo!".

I cut a piece of yarn (no shortage of yarn in this house... LOL) and taped it to the plate to make it easier for him and I added a blunt yarn needle, too.

 and he added each little piece of cereal...

until the had only enough yarn left for me to tie a knot.

such a simple project, but it was great to watch his motor skills and patience, too.

Next time we will make it with cheerios (no sugar), so we can hang them on the trees for the birds to come eat. 


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